Polish Polar Research 25 (3-4), 2004

Andrzej GAŹDZICKI, Andrzej TATUR, Urszula HARA and Rodolfo A. DEL VALLE
The Weddell Sea Formation: post-Late Pliocene terrestrial glacial deposits on Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Wojciech CZUBA, Oliver RITZMANN, Yuichi NISHIMURA, Marek GRAD, Rolf MJELDE, Aleksander GUTERCH and Wilfried JOKAT
Crustal structure of the continent-ocean transition zone along two deep seismic transects in north-western Spitsbergen

The thermal condition of the active layer in the permafrost at Hornsund, Spitsbergen
Andrzej KAIM, Alexander L. BEISEL, and Nikolai I. KURUSHIN
Mesozoic gastropods from Siberia and Timan ( Russia ). Part 1: Vetigastropoda and Caenogastropoda (exclusive of Neogastropoda)
Marcela M. LIBERTELLI, Gustavo A. DANERI, Uwe PIATKOWSKI, Nestor R. CORIA and Alejandro R. CARLINI
Predation on cephalopods by Pygoscelis papua and Arctocephalus gazella at South Orkney Islands
Wojciech WALKUSZ, Sławomir KWAŚNIEWSKI, Katarzyna DMOCH, Haakon HOP, Maria Iwona ŻMIJEWSKA, Luiza BIELECKA, Stig FALK-PETERSEN and Jacek SICIŃSKI
Characteristics of the Arctic and Antarctic mesozooplankton in the neritic zone
during summer

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