Polish Polar Research 30 (2), 2009

Published online: 03.06.2009

Małgorzata BŁASZCZYK, Jacek A. JANIA and Jon Ove HAGEN
Tidewater glaciers of Svalbard: Recent changes and estimates of calving fluxes

Marek GRZEŚ, Michał KRÓL and Ireneusz SOBOTA 
Submarine evidence of the Aavatsmark and Dahl Glaciers fluctuations in the Kaffiøyra region, NW Spitsbergen

Cezary KABALA and Justyna ZAPART
Recent, relic and buried soils in the forefield of Werenskiold Glacier, SW Spitsbergen

Zdzisław LASKOWSKI and Krzysztof ZDZITOWIECKI Occurrence of acanthocephalans in notothenioid fishes in the Beagle Channel (Magellanic sub-region, sub-Antarctic) 179-186
Book Review
Jan ŻARNOWIEC: R. Ochyra, R.I. Lewis Smith and H. Bednarek-Ochyra — The Illustrated Moss Flora of Antarctica 187-188

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